Oct 17th: Anti-Fenix Info-Event

// october 17th // 7 pm
// Meuterei, Zollschuppenstr. 1

In april 2015, the cops of the czech republic commerced the „operation
fénix“ against the anarchist, anti-authoritarian and animal-liberation

The cops detained eleven comrades, raided different properties and
confiscated computers to collect information and intimidate activists.
Three comrades still remain in custody, where they await trial. Two of
them are accused of „conspiracy to plan a terrorist attack“, the other
with the offense of illegal arms possession.

Comrades from ABC czech / anti-fenix will report about what happened and
what the current situation is.

The language of the event is english.

// https://antifenix.noblogs.org/

In cooperation with Rote Hilfe Leipzig.

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